social media marketing



Thanks SO much for your interest in working with SH Digital! Below you'll see an outline of how we can work together on your social media presence. My goal is to provide you with the tools to be successful on social media, own your voice and stay consistent with your audience.




How We'll Work Together

+ Each week we'll have a quick email or call catch-up where you update SH on your brand and what's coming down the pipeline!

    * Secure your weekly meeting time here!

+ SH will provide graphics requested via email, Dropbox or Drive

+ We'll work together to brainstorm new marketing ideas and ways to elevate your brand on social media.


+ Best practices and guidelines for your social profiles.

+ A workbook outlining your brand goals and social media strategy.

+ A Social Suite of templates for: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

+ A calendar and project management system to track progress & stay organized. (You'll see that I'm a bit OCD ;))