Define And Refine Your Personal Brand


Initially written for The Yellow Conference blog, this post was part of the Refine series. Read the full blog post here!

As creatives, we sometimes need to take a step back and look at our overall presence, whether it's on the web or how we market ourselves in general. Before you can present your value or passion to others, it’s important to ask yourself some defining questions that solidify your direction and journey.

This worksheet asks questions to get back to the 'WHY' of your business, in order to stay grounded in your mission and purpose.

Social Media Blueprint


A quick outline to craft your social media strategy! Whether your a seasoned brand or just starting out - getting back to the basics can help you find your why and areas of content to capitalize on in the social media space.

Here's what the blueprint includes:

1. Identifying content

2. Creating niche hashtags

3. Narrowing your brand visuals

4. Planning a month on social media

Content Checklist


Gathering your content for a new (or a refreshed) website can be overwhelming! Getting clear on your message comes first, but translating it to a web designer is the next, most important step. In order for your potential clients and consumers to understand your services or products your message and call to actions need to be on point.

Here is a simple downloadable checklist that lets you write out your content per page and gather any collateral needed to present to your web designer or developer!

Weekly Social Media Planner


Using social media to grow your biz is SO important. Although, to see real numbers, results and growth, it's all about being intentional on how you use it. This simple weekly calendar lets you organize your posts throughout the week with a place for photo notes, a call to action and checkboxes to organize your content early in the week so you're not scrambling last minute! Also, it's an interactive PDF so you can write your content directly in the document, or print it out!

P.S. I personally like printing this out to write my own content in to see the big picture (and so I can scribble on it), then transfer it to social scheduling platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite or directly in Instagram/Facebook.

Would love to know how you use the download in the comment section below!