The Yellow Collective in Tampa, FL!

LADIES. I have a really big and exciting announcement!

I am the new official brand new chapter leader for the Tampa, FL Yellow Collective!

What is the Yellow Collective you ask? It's a membership platform created by the ladies from The Yellow Conference (, for entrepreneurial women who want to use their gifts, skills and passions to serve the greater good. If you attended the Kickstarter Launch Party I hosted here in Tampa last year, well this has officially come to life and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it.

Yellow is bringing the community, connection and empowerment that comes from the once a year Yellow Conference to our day to day lives. I'm super excited to be apart of it. This is a quarterly membership that comes with the following awesomeness:

The empowerment box consists of: 

• One do good / give back product
• One book to read and discuss in the Yellow Collective book club
• Various prints
• Postcards to mail to other Collective members
• Fun surprises from Yellow Co. !! 

• One 15-20 pg. workbook centered around our theme for the quarter
• One 20-40 minute video interview with a creative, do-good entrepreneur
• One email per week with take away tips and info
• One E-Course aimed to help you grow your creative endeavors

• In-person* gatherings (our chapter is run by me!)
• Access to exclusive Slack channel, where members connect & share resources
• Book club
• Monthly digital “hangouts” with a do-good Presenter
• Weekly digital Slack Chats

All for just $99 / quarter. That's about $30 a month and totalllly worth it if you're looking for resources, constant encouragement, inspiration, freebies and connections galore!

Pretty rad, right?

For more information, head to and sign up to be a member! If you're in the Tampa area, I'll be facilitating our in-person gatherings, and let me tell you- it's going to be amaaazing.

The next begins starts October 1, but the deadline to sign up is SEPTEMBER 1! So grab your spot and get ready for some goodness.

Can't wait!