The Best Websites for Stock Photography


Crafting content for your website, blog and social media can be overwhelming. With so many things to prep for and all the content we want to push out, it's important to schedule ahead!

But if you can't all the time (hand up emoji to me), there are some awesome resources that allow you to download images *royalty free* meaning you don't have to credit the author AND use them wherever you'd like. Below I've rounded up a few of my favorite sites.

→ Unsplash

My go-to for stock photos when I'm designing a website and need some placeholder content before a client gives me all of their photos. There are new ones uploaded every day and with a new search feature and 'Collections' to group photos with similar interests, searching is breeeeze.

→ Pexels

Another aggregator of stock photos, Pexels pulls from multiple locations across the web so you hvae a great variety of stock photos including lifestyle, travel, food and more.

→ Pixabay

Full of illustrators, vectors and high-quality photos yay!

→ Twigy Posts

Jana has some awesome styled photos for the blogger and minimalist at heart. She uses a ton of greenery *heart eyes* and lots of cute desktop items! She also explains her process and has an amazing site done by Go Live HQ.

 Made with the amazing  Station Seven  mockup toolkit!

Made with the amazing Station Seven mockup toolkit!

My favorite resource of them all are styled canvases that allow you to drag and drop items to style your OWN overhead, header or flat-lay set up. (Like the example above!) Here are my go-to's for those items:

 Station Seven

Amazing website all around that includes great Wordpress themes, packs for social media content, a my favorite which you'll see all over my site and blog: the mockup toolkit.

→ SC Stock Shop

Although this stunning site comes with a small price tag, SC Stockshop is catered to stand-out bloggers, so you KNOW that there won't be as many of the same images circling the web which is great news for you! SC Stock also has brand builder sets which allow you to craft your own canvases.


Have any other great go-to resources for free/inexpensive stock photos? Share them in the comments below!

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