Brands Killing it With Social Campaigns


As you all should know by now (c'mon its 2015), having a brand presence on the web and social media is absolutely crucial to your business. Whether it's launching paid promotional campaigns, or Instagram hashtags, it's all about getting your consumer to interact with your product. But, it's the brands that have that social presence and take it to the next level that I've had some fun with.

Lately, I've seen a few brands absolutely kill it when it comes to having an interaction with their product or brand, but give it a personal touch we're all looking for. Brands aren't just telling their story anymore, they're telling yours.

So, who gets it? These campaigns below by Chipotle, Warby Parker and Spotify all have resonated with me, but I'm sure there are more.


Dubbed Duchess Salsarah Cheddar-Guacson, I feel like Chipotle just gets me. They launched a campaign called 'What's Your Chipot-Name' with a website that lets you select the way you create your Burrito Bowl and gives you a unique name based on the items you select. This was fun and had my whole office at work sharing laughs over our new names. Then, I tweeted my name and of course they had a fun, witty response back.

You are what you eat, right?


Warby Parker

Another fun campaign was done by Warby Parker, who lets you create your own Annual Report for the year. Based on absolutely no science, this report was cute and fun and made me feel like I really "crushed it" in 2014. And it had nothing to do with the companies annual report.


I also now have a few new nicknames, new favorite emoji's and books to read this year.


This one is a bit different, but Spotify created your own personalized "Year in Music" based on your Spotify listening history and this one was really fun to see.


They summarized my top songs, artists, genres and how much time I spent listening to music (though inaccurate due to how much I listened to T-Swift's new album after it was pulled).

To sum it up, I love when products take the information you provide them and create a compelling story out of it. Yeah, it may be pointless, but for someone who browses the web and social platforms all day looking for content or new marketing strategies, these are my favorite.

It's campaigns like these that aren't necessarily pushing you to purchase their product, or offering discounts, but they make their brand fun. And still leaving you wanting that burrito bowl, paying for premium subscriptions and...maybe I do need a new pair of glasses?

Did I miss any cool micro-sites like these? Let me know in the comments below!