6 Must-Have Summer Essentials

6 must-have summer essentials

We're looking at temperature in the 90's every day this week in Florida, so you know what that means...Summer is in full swing, y'all.

My summers are mostly spent traveling from coast to coast to hit up the beach, and this month I'm stoked to road trip a full circle from Jacksonville, to North Carolina to Key West, with a few stops in between. I know – a LOT of driving.

Since I've been living out of my car lately, I've put together a list of my must have summer essentials that I either stock in my car or purse for those impromptu beach trips.

Here are 6 items to have handy summer:

1. Staple Nail Color

Essie colors are my go-to polishes and I love their pastel summer 2015 line. Find a couple of colors that you can alternate between, since I am a huge proponent of selecting colors that will go with almost any outfit.

2. Go-To Bikini

Each summer I splurge on a VS bikini. Similar to the one above, I pick a patterned top and bottom so I can pair either with a solid half from Target. ;) I'll throw a couple of bikini options in my beach bag and alternate so I'm not always rocking the same combo.

3. Panama Hat

My favorite hats are from Free People and Cotton On, but Urban Outfitters and Target have some great options. Shield the sun in style.

4. Sunscreen

This one's a given. I've always used Neutrogena, but find the best sunscreen that fits your skin type. PSA look for ingredients like Helioplex and Meroxyl, which give you good UVA and UVB protection. Also, make sure you check the expiration date on your bottles - they do go bad!

5. Sunnies

My go-to sunglasses are Ray-Ban's just because they last forever and have classic styles. The ones pictured above are the Erika style and I love how durable they are. Of course if you have the cash, splurge on polarized lenses and your eyes will thank you. 

6. Durable Beach Bag

The one pictured above is from Francesca's, but find the one that fits your style. I'm a huge fan of pineapples and this one is cute and affordable! You can fit all these items in your beach bag and keep in your car along with a towel, and a cute cover up.


Although these items may be pretty self-explanatory, I am a huge proponent of staple items that will last for a couple of seasons. Since it's summer year round in the sunshine state, I make sure these summer purchases last me for an entire year.

So, if you want that Victoria's Secret bikini or new designer sunglasses - splurge, but make sure you love it!

Let me know what some of your summer essentials are in the comments below.