Beyond the 9 to 5: 5 Ways to Plan Your Blog Content


A series for creatives who work a full-time job but are passionate about growing their side hustles.


If there's one thing I realized about blogging that nobody tells you when you first start, is that it takes more time and dedication than you could ever imagine. I will first start by saying I reallly suck at planning sometimes - even with these systems in place. But, we're all learning right!?

Below I've shared a few of my favorite ways to plan out content for your blog or social media profiles so you can keep growing your audience when life gets busy!

I believe there are two ways to drive traffic to your website through social media:

1. Post photos with long captions to see what your audience is interested in, then use that information to lead to a post.

2. Craft a multiple blog posts, then try multiple images to see what resonates most with your followers when you share on social media.





1. Schedule at least 1-2 days a month to take photos for your blog and social platforms! This is number one in my book because you will always need photos no matter what you do. Stock photos are great and a necessity if you don't have time, but original photos go a long way on the web. I personally have a folder on my phone of a collection of photos I've pulled together to make sure I have something to post every day. A combination of credited photos that fit your feed and your own personal photos work well when you're just starting off.


2. Write down what you know that comes EASY. As bloggers, we can be so hard on ourselves about producing in-depth content, but sometimes, what comes easy to you, might not come as easy to others. Make a list of these items and write 1-2 a week. Short and sweet. Share what you know even if it's a simple how-to, things you researched a lot on or just a simple lifestyle post about yourself. 


3. Pull together your places for inspiration and find what you like to read or write most. Finding a niche is important, but it's okay to have different categories that all align with your brand. Select your categories and narrow your list even further from there. Sometimes the most viral posts are aggregators of things like 'the best places to' or 'the top 10 ___', which are just posts that pull the best of certain niches!


4. Use social scheduling tools to plan content out a week in advance. Or more if you can! When launching a blog or website, it's important to build hype so people know what you're about to offer them. Take snippets of the content you've produced and use tools like Planoly or Later to upload photos to your Instagram grid to see how it looks in a *big picture view*. If you're blogging often and not getting a ton of traffic, try using different photos and caption pairings to drive traffic back to those posts.


5. Last but not least, repurpose old content! If you've written a lot of content in the past but have rebranded, revamped your blog or simply want to freshen up a post that has significantly changed - I highly encourage it! Occasionally I'll just create new graphics for old blog posts and watch them resurface after a few years!


Try these steps out and hopefully you'll be able to book content out a few weeks in advance!