5 Resources for Career Inspiration

5 Resources for Creative Inspiration

Stuck in a career rut? Need a creative boost?

The internet is FULL of amazing blogs and websites that serve to help the creative community. Whether you're itching to learn a new skill, or trying to navigate a hard job transition, tapping into the community that has 'been there done that' will help you feel more confident in good or bad times.

Here are 6 websites that are my go-to places for inspiration, advice, skill and career building:

1. Levo League

For becoming the ultimate #girlboss, Levo League is a community of Gen Y women, seeking career advice, tools and mentorship. Tune in to their 'office hours' where you can have conversations with amazing leaders or read up on their articles on how to ace an interview or negotiate that raise.  

2. Career Contessa

For REAL advice from our peers, who are navigating the working world and putting a face to the term #girlboss - Career Contessa is a blog focused on highlighting conversations about work and life. Read interviews and advice from leaders at companies like Pinterest, Brit + Co, Soulcycle and Birchbox.

3. Skillshare

The place to learn almost anything your creative brain desires! Taught by creators all over the world, Skillshare has over 1200 classes ranging from design, photography to DIY and even culinary. Sign up for free to receive access to a handful classes, but for only $8 a month you have full access to every class and can even take the classes when you're offline. 

4. The Everygirl

Advice on life, budgeting recipes and basically all the little things you find yourself saying, WHY DON'T I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS YET?! The Everygirl is my go-to blog for useful, every day advice.

5. The Yellow Room

From the creators of The Yellow Conference, The Yellow Room will be a digital hub for creative world-changers - but they need YOUR help to make this happen! This space will include:

  • Quarterly online courses broken down into 3 modules released each month. These will be geared towards 4 different types of women (Leader, Solopreneur, Activist, or Starter - Read the descriptions!)
  • A community forum (for us to talk and connect on different topics)
  • Curated job postings
  • Various downloadable resources
  • Access to the live streaming of The Yellow Conference and various events
  • Exclusive discounts and offerings exclusive to members

Hopefully these resources will help you navigate your career path, whether you're a recent grad, or just trying to step your skill game up. If you have any other blogs or resources you use on the daily, share in the comments below!

P.S. If you can't help donate to The Yellow Room kickstarter, share this site so we can get this funded, as it will serve as a creative resources for all you #girlbosses out there!