4 Simple Steps to Start Your Week Off Right


As I'm winding down on a Sunday night, I am already getting anxious about the week ahead.

I'm finally settling in in my new apartment and I figured I'd start a routine to prep my mind + home to get in a better mindset for the coming week. Hopefully this will also give me a better nights sleep, so I can wake up refreshed on Monday AM instead of dreading it, ha.

Here are a few tips to unwind from the weekend and conquer your Monday morning (or any morning, really):

1. Turn off all notifications

I have a bad habit of waking up and looking at my phone first thing in the morning – specifically social + email. This already puts me in a mindset to think about what everyone else is doing and needs as opposed to my own. The latest seanwes podcast had some great points about checking email first thing in the AM, summarized below. Listen to the full podcast here. 

Effects of checking email in the AM:

  • It Puts You in Reactive Mode
  • It Makes You Slave to Other People’s Agenda for You
  • It Zaps Your Most Precious Energy

After you down your coffee and have an hour or so to yourself, you'll be in a better place to conquer those emails.

2. Prep your kitchen for the AM

Whether it's setting up the coffee to start promptly at 6am, doing meal prep, or making fruit detox waters (all of which I started doing), this saves you a lot of time and energy in the morning so you can take it slow while getting ready and maybe even working out (yeah, I'll get there eventually).

3. Clean up your living space

Even if it's as simple as folding blankets, putting everything in it's place or doing a wipe down of all your appliances and furniture, the ritual (and smell of cleaning supplies) will make you feel fresh and you'll have a tidy space to wake up to in the mornin'.

4. Take some quiet time to reflect

Whether it's meditating before you go to bed, (I use the Zazn app - check it out!), reading, or writing in a journal, find a way to decompress without checking your phone and having that bright light shine on your face before you sleep. (P.S. Studies show that this takes even longer to fall asleep, you have shorter REM sleep and it makes you more tired the following day. Just sayin'.)

I hope these quick tips will help you take on your week with a refreshed and relaxed mind.

(My next goal, is to make sure I start these steps a little earlier, so I'm in bed at a decent hour!)

Have any Sunday night or nightly rituals? Let me know in the comments.