Summer Bucket List


Every summer I make a list of things I want to accomplish since this season always proves to be a time for opportunity.

From lifestyle changes to just plain fun stuff, here's my bucket list for this summer. If you want to join in on any of these, I'd love some company!

  1. Get back into a regular yoga routine - purchased a Groupon for a membership!

  2. Maintain a healthy diet (but don't forget to indulge)

  3. Go to Bonnarroo!

  4. Make a gratitude jar (thanks for the inspiration, Free People)

  5. Spend every weekend outdoors

  6. Learn a new creative outlet: design or web development

  7. Find and cook new recipes

  8. Host/plan a weekend BBQ with friends

  9. Go kayaking at different springs in Florida

  10. Take a road-trip out of state - headed to SC for the 4th, thanks to my gal Jill.

  11. See a concert on the amphitheater lawn - tickets purchased for DMB!

  12. Tap more into my spiritual side - starting with The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking

  13. Find ways to live with less

  14. Try new restaurants in Tampa/St. Pete

  15. Read 3 new books

  16. Bike more! Since I live close to well, everything.

I will most likely add to this list weekly, but it's a start!

Comment below if you have any other fun suggestions that I should try. :)