The Next Chapter

Well, in case you couldn't tell by my countless social media posts/blogs, this girl is officially a college graduate! When they tell you, "your college years will fly by," they weren't lying. Walking across the stage at graduation was surreal and literally over in the blink of an eye.

This past year has been incredible. I took risks, embraced new opportunities, took too many spontaneous adventures and made incredible memories. Although the end of my college career is bittersweet, the journey is just beginning.

I am so thankful to have found friends and mentors that have guided me in multiple aspects of my life throughout my four years at UCF. They have helped shaped my goals and dreams and brought out the best in me. If I can offer any more advice, it's to find mentors who you can tap into during these important life transitions. If it weren't for these colleagues and friends, I would be lost when it comes to my next steps.

It's hard to believe that I won't be near the people that have had such a huge impact on me, or will never have to go to class/take an exam again (hallelujah!). To those I've befriended these past four years, I am so excited to see where your next chapters take you and I want to hear all about it – seriously.

As for my next steps, I am excited to officially announce that I have accepted a full-time position with HARBR Co., a digital creative agency located in St. Pete. I am stoked for this new opportunity, along with a chance to develop relationships in a new community. I'm so thankful to be graduating with a job in the field I've wanted to be in since my freshman year.

As if being close to the best beaches in FL wasn't enough, I can't wait to make the move to the Bay area to be closer to my fav. sports teams and an awesome city. This is a huge season of change for me and I couldn't be more excited for it. 

During my last college class, a guest speaker shed really encouraging advice. He told us that even though we may be leaving school, that we should never stop learning. The world is now our classroom and every step we take will be a learning experience. There might not be any more written exams, but that doesn't mean there won't be tests. Our colleges may have laid the groundwork, but it's our job to apply it from here on out.

So class of 2014, embrace your new adventures, challenge yourself, and go change the world.