iOS 7: It's All in the Details


Last Wednesday, Apple released the biggest update to the iPhone software since, well, ever.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of articles explaining all the new features of iOS 7, but there are a few that stick out to me. It’s really all about the little things, right?

Here are a few of my favorite features of iOS 7:

The Notification Center

One thing I didn’t like about the notification center on iOS 6, is that it wasn’t accessible on the lock screen. In iOS 7, you can now pull down on the lock screen to see all of your missed calls/texts/tweets etc. and see your calendar for the day. It also tells you the weather forecast and what events are happening the next day.

The Control Center

Instead of going into the Settings app every time you want to change your brightness, sound, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, you can now adjust everything from this control panel. Swipe up on the home or lock screen and ta-da.

Siri is no longer just a “she”

For us ladies out there, it’s so nice to have a man finally answer to any and all of our commands. Just head to Siri in Settings and change the gender.

Automatic Updates update apps...automatically

Nobody likes being the last to know about app updates. Now you can turn on your automatic updates by going to Settings, then iTunes & App Store.

Newsstand can be moved to a folder

That dreaded little icon can finally be moved to a folder. Boom. Oh, and the folders are expandable, so you can put as many apps into a folder as you’d like.

See what time each text message was sent

Once you’re in a message thread, if you swipe left over the text, you can see when each individual message was sent. So that’s pretty cool. Now you can clock everyone when they say they’re “only 5 minutes away.”

Block calls and texts

Have an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who won’t stop calling you? No worries, you can block them now. Just go to your settings, select Phone, then block. See ya.


Send Photos, Contacts and Videos via AirDrop


Instead of texting all your friends the photos from last night, simply turn on your Bluetooth or connect to Wi-Fi and send away. (They have to be near you though.)


Overall I am diggin’ the update. It’s like I have a brand new phone and every time I change the backgrounds on my home or lock screen, every overlay looks different thanks to the beautiful interface. Nice work, Apple.

What do you like/hate about the update?!