7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Spotify


If you’re still using iTunes to listen to music throughout the day, we have a problem.

In case you missed the craze, Spotify, a music streaming service, is changing the game by turning listening to music into another social platform.



Although it has been around for a couple of years now, I felt like not enough people realize the benefits. There are a couple of competitors in the marketplace like Pandora and Rdio, but Spotify trumps them both in my opinion.



As someone who uses Spotify all day, everyday, I’ve listed out a few reasons why it truly is a great platform.




Spotify has a free service and a premium service




The moment you sign up for Spotify, you’ll have 20 million songs at your fingertips. These songs are only accessible by streaming them on the Spotify Web Player or on the Desktop Application. The free service is an ad-supported platform BUT you don’t have to listen to ads that interrupt your songs (ahem, Pandora).



If you choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium (at a small fee of $9.99 a month) you can have all of these songs wherever you go. The investment is completely worth it in my opinion, because you now have the ability to sync your playlists offline and listen to them on every device you own. Speaking of playlists…




You can create your own playlists




Just like iTunes, you have the ability to click and drag any songs you choose to listen to on Spotify into your own playlist. You can then share these playlists across all of your social networks and embedded into blogs or websites, which means…




See what your friends are listening to




These days, we all want to know what our friends are doing, talking about, wearing, eating, etc. So, why not add what are they listening to into that equation? Spotify syncs to your Facebook profile so you have the ability to follow all of your friends along with your favorite music artists. I love following my friends that have different tastes in music, because I find new artists every day.




Discover new music




The Discover tab in the application is all about you. It takes what you have been listening to, and suggests new songs or artists based on your history. The tab also shows upcoming shows where your favorite artists are playing, which is pretty cool.




Browse a worldwide library




Spotify has a library with the top hits based on what’s trending on the charts and what’s listened to most within the application.

Build your own custom radio station

Within Spotify, you can select any artist, genre or playlist you're listening to and create your own radio station. Although I will admit they aren't as diverse as Pandora radio, you'll still find new artists and you can even drag songs you like directly into your playlists.





Artists are paid every time you listen to a song




The great news about Spotify is that every time you listen to a song on the free or premium service, the artists are getting paid. So, no more illegal downloads and instead of paying $9.99 for one album on iTunes, listen to millions.




Spotify is all about having access without ownership. And access to 20 million+ tracks at any given time, sounds like a pretty great deal to me.



So, if I haven’t convinced you to join Spotify yet, let me know why! I’d love to hear your thoughts.