Weekend Project: Build A Desk


The first Saturday of every month held a special place in my heart growing up.

It was Kids Workshop Day at Home Depot.

The smell of sawdust, plants from the garden area and the sounds of power tools will always take me back to those weekends and this is probably where my DIY obsession began.

Bright and early on Saturday morning myself, my dad and my little sister would head to the Home Depot down the road to make sure we got our own tool kits. (We did not like to share.) Upon arrival, you were greeted with a tool kit and my favorite part, your very own orange Home Depot apron. I was basically a part of the team. We spent hours building our bird houses, CD holders and mail organizers. Afterwards, they always had snacks. Talk about an all-around great morning. Chances are, I still have some of these pieces at home because I don't have the heart to throw them out.

This weekend I was craving a Saturday building project so naturally, I called my dad.

Handyman Heyl, I call him. He is the most resourceful and brilliant Guy (pun intended because his name is Guy) when it comes to making the most out of time and space. His household creations and organization methods have transferred to my daily life and sometimes it's scares me how much I am like him.

As dad pulled into the driveway with his tool box, gifts from Mom and his brand new circular saw that he couldn't wait to whip out, we headed to Home Depot. This was a perfect one-day project and it only took a single trip to the store, which is very rare. 

The Project: Make a wooden desk with a vintage feel.


The desk in my room was small, but not very useful. So, I came up with a simple design of a wood palette style top and two cross legs that would be sturdy enough but still pretty compact.

The pieces we bought at Home Depot were: 

  • 5 1x4 pieces of lumber
  • 2 2x4 pieces of lumber
  • 1 small can of Dark Chestnut wood stain
  • 1 can of Polycrilic finish
  • And a bunch of screws...

All at a grand total of: $43! This wasn't bad at all considering I made exactly what I wanted and was able to spend some awesome quality time with Handyman Heyl. :)

Below you'll see some shots of the desk as it all came together.

I absolutely love my new desk and it is a great addition to my little rustic room.