Snapchat Adds New Features in Update

 © Photo via Mashable

© Photo via Mashable

UPDATE 5/24/2014

This blog was posted was back in December when snapchat first gave the ability for filters and timestamps. The current snapchat app has been updated again with a beautiful interface and more features. Here's the short list:

- Make sure your snapchat is updated via the app store.

- Go to the settings within the app and click "manage" to enable all the extra features (listed below)

- You can now chat with people within the app, ONLY if the indicator on the left of their name is blue.

- Swipe left and it opens the chat screen to send a message to a specific person with a photo, a text only message OR 'facetime' with the other person if said person's button is blue. 

If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments.


Last Friday, Snapchat pushed an update.  But unless you went to your settings, you wouldn’t notice a difference.

Personally, I think this was a really smart move that enabled word of mouth marketing and gave people the option to use these features or not. The fact that it took me a week to figure it out, well, it worked.

So whats new?

Before the update, a snapchat was one simple photo or video that you sent to friends that lasted from 1-10 seconds. You could add one line of text or use your finger to add scribbles in various colors. Now, you have a few more options:

  • Add one of 3 filters: black & white, a color dodge (ish) or sepia
  • Add special text, which enlarges the font but is still limited to 33 characters.
  • Add the time, because sometimes we need a reminder.
  • Add the weather to actually prove that it is SO COLD OUTSIDE. (Or hot if you live in Florida.)
  • Add MPH, to show that you are not snapping and driving, or maybe how fast you can run & snap at the same time?
  • Change the number of your best friends to 3, 5 or 7 because being on someones best friend list is a big deal.

To make these updates, head to the settings tab in snapchat and hit “manage.” For the filters, you have to go into your location services and enable Snapchat. Maybe I'm defeating the purpose of this whole "discrete" update, but I want some entertaining snaps!

Most people don’t see the point in Snapchat, but as an avid user, I found that it’s much more fun than a text message and you get to share funny moments that become just a memory. Well, unless you enable the new ‘Replay’ feature, which lets you replay the snap one time.

I'm curious to see what else is in store for this company. Is it a fad or will it be around for a while?

How do you like Snapchat's update?