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I’m the founder & digital strategist of SH Digital, based in the beautiful Sunshine State. I believe in authenticity, purposeful content and modern design, which drove me to social media and web design. I'm so lucky to connect with small businesses, entrepreneurs across the country to help craft their presence online. Taking the leap to invest in yourself & your business is a big deal, so I'm here to help guide you along the way!

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You’ll most likely find me exploring new cities, eating tacos or at the beach. I’m obsessed with decorating and plants - just wait until you see my apartment. My guilty pleasures include Netflix-binging and being able to repurpose yoga pants for every outfit. Meeting new people is my thing and I will probably ask a ton of questions to get to know you – sorry introverts! All this to say, I'm pumped you're here and hope you find my resources blogs helpful in finding your identity on the web. I'd love to hear your story. Stay awhile and let’s get to know each other!